Summit 30th Anniversary English-Style Barleywine Ale

Summit 30th Anniversary English-Style Barleywine Ale

30th Anniversary English-Style Barleywine Ale

A celebratory tribute to Summit’s brewing roots.

We’re celebrating 30 years of Summit Brewing Company by brewing four special anniversary beers that exemplify our spirit: grounded in tradition and quality, but always looking forward with innovation and modern brewing approaches.

For our fourth and final series entry, 30th Anniversary English-Style Barleywine, we pay homage to the brew that has driven Summit forward for three decades. The barleywine takes inspiration from our classic Extra Pale Ale recipe, adopting the same essential profile while taking flavor and character to even greater heights. This beer was brewed using ingredients from four of Summit’s major suppliers. At 11.5% ABV it is sure to lend warmth to the coldest winter’s night.

Flavor Notes:

A beautifully balanced strong ale, deep orange in color, with huge complexity and warmth. Powerful aromas of English toffee, orange marmalade, fresh herbs and spicy citrus lead to a full body and intense finish.

Beer Specs:

{Limited Release}

Original Gravity: 27 Plato

Alcohol by Volume: 11.5%

Color, (deg. L.): Pale Amber (14L)

IBUs: 50

Malts Utilized: U.S. Pale, Caramel, Dark Crystal

Hops Utilized: Horizon, Equinox, Fuggle, Cascade

Yeast: Combination of Scottish Ale and U.K. Ale Strains

Established: 2016

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Serving Tips:

55 degrees in a snifter glass

Food Pairings

Roast venison, pheasant, lamb chops, vintage cheddar, Shropshire Blue cheese, dark chocolate

Available in: 4pk, 12oz

Supplied by: Summit Brewing