City Brewery

In 1999 the old G. Heileman Brewing Company‘s former brewery buildings in La Crosse were bought by a group of investors who founded the City Brewing Company.[1]

In September 2006, the company agreed to purchase the Latrobe Brewery in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.[2] The new City Brewery Latrobe entered into an agreement with Boston Beer Company in April 2007, and began producing that company’s Samuel Adams beer that spring.[3]

National distribution is occurring in support of new brands DB Hobbs Lager and DB Hobbs Light, at 4.81% abv and 4.15% abv respectively, which some publications indicate may be relabeled versions of the LaCrosse Lager line.[4]

City Brewery is also the name of another Wisconsin company founded by Johann Braun in 1846 which merged into the Valentin Blatz Brewing Company of Milwaukee.

City Brewery is also the name of a brewing company founded in 1855 in Dunkirk by George Dotterweich, an immigrant from Germany. George Dotterweich died in 1884 and the brewery was taken over by his brother, Andrew J. Dotterweich. In 1900, Andrew J. died and the brewery was taken over by his son Andrew C. Dotterweich. The company name was then changed to the A. Dotterweich Brewing Company, and operations continued until the start of the prohibition.[5]