Essentia Water, LLC

Essentia began in 1998 when semi-retired businessman Ken Uptain noticed that his friends were not only “borrowing” the water from his office, they were visiting him at his office at an increasing rate…

Ken’s office was nice, but not that nice. It didn’t take him long to realize that if so many people felt Essentia made such a difference in their lives, its market potential would be even better. Ken promptly removed “semi” from retired and got to work.

The company steadily grew and found its primary foothold in 2008 in the natural foods channel during the health and wellness boom. This was a turning point. Essentia became the leading bottled water sold in natural supermarkets, is currently the #1 alkaline water* in the nation, and has developed a loyal following that continues to grow today.

Since then the demand for natural foods has gone mainstream, and now you can find Essentia in major grocery stores nationwide. And yes, for Ken’s friends, it’s still available in his office as well.


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