Premium Waters, Inc.

Premium Waters, Inc.

We believe in quality because it matters most.

Quality is a word that is sometimes thrown around way too easily. We like what we do at Premium Waters, and we have fun doing it. But we get serious when it comes to your good health. It’s important to us. Quality is something that we don’t take lightly.

When it comes to bottled water quality, Premium Waters means business. We maintain high standards with protected sources, rigorous purification processes, reliable sanitization and testing procedures, and strict quality control measures. All of our plants operate under HACCP plans as defined by Codex Alimentarius Commission and the United States Food and Drug Administration. All sources and products are approved by/meet or exceed the 21CFR 110, 21CFR 129, and 21 CFR 165.110 and any other prescribed state laws.

It is our goal to continuously improve our Food Safety Management Systems and Quality Systems to ensure confidence in the delivery of safe food to customers and consumers.


  • Water Joe
  • Kandiyohi Water
  • Chippewa Spring Water